Dana Moon is a Stand-Up Comedian, Actress and Writer who was recently called a young Carol Burnett and now she uses that as a credit.

Dana is known for appearances on major TV networks such as Netflix, Fox, MTV, Oxygen, Facebook Watch TV, and Hulu.

She was accepted to the University of Southern California (on her own merit) and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre without pretending to be on a rowing team.

 After college Dana studied improv at The Groundlings where she birthed characters such as Duke Ellington, Day-Day, Empty LA Girl, Dirty Diane, Sandy, Spiritual healer Janelle Waters and The Ross Lady.

After completing three levels at the Groundlings her teachers and classmates urged her to start doing standup comedy and after resisting them she finally obliged. Dana quickly established herself in the Los Angeles comedy scene and has completed five national tours and most recently a USO Military Tour.

Dana was voted the top comic to watch on a list she created.

Her comedy has been described as a cross between Jim Carrey and Sarah Silverman, which doesn't make sense at first, but if you give it a minute and squint you will see it.

Dana made her first TV appearance as the lead in Oxygen channels’ "Straight up with a Twist." She has most recently been on MTV sketch show called ADD TV, based off videos gone viral.  She has also done man-on-the-street pranks for Fox's hit daytime show "The Real" which an audience member told her "she should be up there, on the show more" (that audience member was her Mom)

She made her stand up TV debut on Laughs on Fox. Be sure to check it out streaming on Hulu right now!

Currently you can see Dana on Netflix "Nailed IT" and on Facebook Watch TV this summer in a comedy competition called, "Island Hoppers". 


To see Dana live check the calendar and come out to a show!